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Kera comes from Keratoconus, an eye disease which not treated could easily lead to blindness. For many, surgery is not the answer, but spiral lenses are. Those stricken by this disease may need to go this route however it comes with a very costly price to pay. There are no available government subsidies that you can receive and not many places offer this type of lens with the necessary treatment services.

Let me tell you, my Story!

My name is Michael Dean Rafferty and I’ve put in place this non-profit project for personal and humanitarian reasons close to my heart. More specifically to express the need for awareness about this disease and how it impacts as well as imposes financial strain on one’s livelihood. You may ask yourself, how did this project come to be? You see, I have severe eye problems which presents me with major difficulties. In 2019, I found myself in the emergency room of Maisonneuve hospital in Montreal, Quebec with almost no vision because a bacteria got into my right eye. I was losing my vision and due to complications, they advised me that it was too risky to have an operation, therefore the choice of a new technology (technique) would give a chance of 50% success rate.

I was given a number to call for the Optometry Clinic Bélanger where a soft voice answered me, “Hello, my name is Paule, I can help you. I work with Dr. Patrick Simard and we can see you right away. However, we are a private clinic and there are costs for this treatment. Are you ready?”

I said yes. It wasn’t easy for me; we’ve managed through several trials, and I see correctly to this day. Through the indifference and suffering of my eyes and now being able to see again. I want to give back so that more people are aware of what is possible. It is crucial for me to have other doctors like mine to not only offer their services but also create a means for early detection, awareness and education to make the Keratoconus disease known.

We are committed to give back through product sales on Kera Organics website, with our partners and our stakeholders which have given us the liberty to raise funds and get donations.

Here is what we are proud to have done already. Life changing gift to restore vision. December 14 th , 2023, during the holiday season we have been able to donate specialised spiral lens to a 23 year old recipient who had been battling Keratoconus disease.

The Kera Cares foundation is a non-profit organisation dedicated to promoting eye health awareness, supporting research on eye conditions, and providing assistance to individuals affected by vision-related issues.

“Dream is a dream until you put a goal to it. If you stick to your dream anything is possible.”

Welcome to KERA!